Contra Collection

“It’s an ’87 State of Mind that I’m in”. Exclusive pre-order for Sneaker Con Fort Lauderdale.

Season 1 Contra 80s baseball jersey line was designed to raise awareness of the ongoing resurrection of 1987 in American life. Many people say the President wants to bring the 50s back. Maybe. My bet is 1987. Jordan won the Seattle dunk contest in 2s. “Bad” dropped. “Paid In Full” dropped. The stock market crashed in Black Monday. Iran-Contra exploded. Trump went to Moscow to work a hotel deal and explored running in the 1988 Election.

Each jersey in the Season 1 Contra Collection corresponds to a player in the Contra Enterprise. The collection sequences the most astonishing criminal conspiracy in American history. The Enterprise included maybe the biggest drug smuggler in American history (Barry Seal, #86), a US Marine colonel and current NRA president (Oliver North, #87), and Trump’s new quarterback for Venezuela (Elliott Abrams, #81). If you want to understand 2019 and 2020, the answers are in 1987 and 1988. The Contra Collection goes back to the future when “baselines” is a triple entendre and “all our secrets are the same”.

Exclusive pre-order for SneakerCon Ft Lauderdale. $20. Half off general release pricing at $40. Ships March 2019. Email Please specify which number(s), sizes, and quantities you are interested in.

Contra 80s, Season 1.
“The Boys of Spring”.
Spring 2019.