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The Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport is Ground Zero for “protected” drug trafficking in the United States. I don’t mean the disorganized, unprotected trafficking of a couple kilos here and there. But interstate drug trafficking: the tons of cocaine on private jets flying weekly between Fort Lauderdale and Venezuela for re-ups.

The story of US narcos centers on the biggest drug smuggler in American history. Not the “safe” Hollywood version you saw with Tom Cruise smuggling yayo for Pablo. Nope. The one where four Cali cartel hitman traveled via Miami to Baton Rouge and assassinated Barry Seal in a blizzard of gunfire. Seal was not a peripheral figure. He was a fat military man with a fleet of cargo planes, fixed-bases of operations, and an intelligence pipeline to President Reagan’s primetime TV.

Seal’s story did not end with him bleeding out. His murder revealed the biggest criminal conspiracy in American history that continues into the present: the Contra war. Forget about Iran. The action was in Nicaragua, and Florida, orchestrated by the same “Palm Beach homies” that took back power in 2016. Look no further than Marine Colonel Oliver North who ran Contras then and the National Rifle Association today.

Not convinced? Hear Barry Seal’s biographer, Daniel Hopsicker, describe how the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport and the Contra 80s are the keys to understanding what you see everyday from the White House and Mar-a-Lago. The Oliver North-Barry Seal Enterprise did not die. It went global.

In the first episode of SNEAKER NET released in Q1 2019, Daniel Hopsicker reviews the story of Barry Seal and previews Gangster Planet from the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. You don’t still think Russian mobsters were interested in that Trump Tower meeting to talk about adopting children, do you? Nah. Not you. Right?

The first episode is titled “The Circus In the Sky”. The title pays homage to Hopsicker’s expose (2005) on “the flying circus” that passes for general aviation in Florida. And it is a phrase directly from a second revisionist history on the Contra 80s: the one described by Shawn Carter in “Blue Magic” (2006) and that
Frida Giannini encoded inside Gucci leather (2010). Keep your outfit together.

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