Get Shoes

Going out? Get shoes. “Sneakernet” is an online and local San Francisco service that accelerates and improves footwear sales, repair, and recycling for executives in the vicinity of San Francisco’s Montgomery Street BART Station. Join Sneakernet for personalized, 20-minute sales and service appointments at Snow Beach Café in downtown San Francisco. The space is conveniently located on 2nd Street adjacent the Transbay Transit Center.

  • Pick-up shoes you ordered online and shipped to our insured warehouse.
  • Unbox, look, touch, feel, try your online footwear orders.
  • Complete returns. Keep what you like.
  • Send shoes to the cobbler and pick-up repairs.
  • View consignment inventory and sell shoes on consignment.
  • Donate or recycle footwear.

Snow Beach Café now seeks “early adopter” customers and professional partners with high standards for performance and luxury footwear. Behind Sneakernet, Sneakernet Professional Services seeks San Francisco Bay Area retailers, cobblers, cordwainers, leatherworkers, sneaker customizers, soft goods recyclers, and 3-D printers looking for new business opportunities serving customers in the South of Market area of San Francisco. Sales and service pilots are scheduled to begin April 2019. Please contact Thank you.