Knickerbocker Spot-Bilts

  • Second verse from “87-88“.
  • Written, hyperlinked, and performed by Folex of Justice System.

Catch me by the Woodlands gym at the staircase
Nike Wind Runners, purple Skidz and mad bass
to every fine-looking girl with finger waves or big hair
flirting like a mother…to your girl, I don’t care!
Nah, I’m just playin, I was cool and laid back,
My Philosophy” was “Top Billin“, let’s just say that
No “I Ain’t No Joke” when I was on the stage, jack
Inside-Out Posse in effect, we stay fat
Fly colored Rugby to match your right kicks
Air Revolution, the white with red tips
No sag in my Bugle Boys or my Girbaud’s
A Champion hoodie to rock at the shows
VJ Ralph McDaniels provided us the visuals
DJs rocking analog, 12”, never digital
Fab 5 Freddy, “Yo! MTV Raps”
Changed the world as we knew it, it’s taking me back
Those village boutiques beat suburban malls
With Keith Haring pieces all up on the walls
Everything we rocked was passion for the fashion
Knickerbocker Spot-Bilts, flash em in Manhattan

Knickerbocker Spot-Bilts, purple Skidz