Justice System Plays Fern Bar

Want to go back to the future? Come out to Fern Bar in Sonoma County, California on April 6, 2019 at 9pm to hear Justice System play the West Coast Album Release Party for “Basement Tapes”. New York-born Justice System debuted during a seminal year in hip hop history (1994) and this year re-mastered decades of music into 8 songs for “Basement Tapes” (2019). Justice System MC Jahbaz recently explained to Pete Tosiello how memories of a 1995 show at a Manhattan club gave life to the new album’s rally anthem, ‘Bring the Justice’:

What I didn’t know was around 2013, (band members) Coz, Mo’ Betta Al, and Tom had been going over our old tapes from that time period—’92 through ‘96—as well as tapes they’d made when I wasn’t around. They put their finger on that “Spinning Out of Control” song. That became “Bring the Justice” on this record.
“We Tied Together the Old and the New:” An Interview With Jahbaz of Justice System, March 10, 2019

Hear “Basement Tapes” and more at the West Coast Album Release Party this Saturday, April 6th. Come out in person to Fern Bar in Sonoma County, California, or livestream on Snow Beach Cafe beginning at 8:30pm.

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