Bad Bunny Plays California

Updated 4/16

420San Jose
422Los Angeles
1122San Diego

Puerto Rico’s Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known as “Bad Bunny”, “San Benito”, and “Malo Canejo” is on a significant 2019 world tour. Since he last played San Jose‘s SAP Center on April 20, 2018, Ocasio:

  • debuted his stunning first album, X100PRE, on Christmas Eve 2018, including a half-dozen original, beautiful videos,
  • toured South America in February 2019,
  • sold-out three shows in his native San Juan, Puerto Rico, March 2019,
  • played an incredible Coachella set featuring an appearance by J Balvin, eg, “Bad Bunny Brings Out J Balvin For Fiery Coachella Set” (Billboard, 4/15)

This April, Bad Bunny plays SAP Center on 4/20 for the second straight year. Last year, the “Nueva Religion” tour rolled through San Jose 4/20. Two months later, the government in Santo Domingo banned several Bad Bunny radio hits (AP, 2018). This Q1 2019, iconic videos supported an avalanche of “X100PRE” singles, sold out March dates in San Juan (8, 9, 10), across the Americas (Bad Bunny X100PRE tour), and headlining Summer 2019 festivals in Paris (Lollapalooza), Rome (Rock In Roma), and Madrid (Rio Babel). “X100PRE” was published Christmas Eve 2018.

In January 2019, Ocasio raised awareness about high homicide rates in Puerto Rico by standing outside the governor’s mansion until he and his mentor were invited in for coffee (Rolling Stone).