7 Day Retrospective

This is the seventh day since Sneaker Con Saturday last weekend in San Jose, California.

Saturday, July 13

1987 Keynote Conversation

87-88 at Back Bar

Streaming Platforms

Learn more about the new sneakerhead anthem “87-88” by Justice System.

Sunday, July 14, San Jose

Kicks‘ MC AJ x DJ Jahbaz played new Justice System song “87-88”. Roke joined Sneaker Conversations. Watch the new Lace Attire commercial.

Thursday, July 18, Oakland

DJ Lex signed 7 unsold tickets to “87-88”.

Thank you

Sneaker Con, Ward Wear, Darius x Eric at MG, Figgs at 8&9. Ahmad and AJ, Lace Attire, Rona, Wilson Pang, David Zhao, Sergio Gonzales, Demone Carter, Khafre x Hip Hop for Change, SoFa Market, David Ma, Nate LeBlanc, Needle to the Groove, Bobbito Garcia, Oaktown Beef Jerky, Wax Trippin, DJ Lex, DJ Jahbaz, Justice System, Pierre and the staff at Back Bar, San Jose Convention Center, Upwork x WeWork teams, Fern Bar. And Kate Saker Inc. #SneakerNet

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